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Prodigy Salon is a team inspired salon. A place where passionate, professional hairstylists have come together to provide an incredible service that you deserve.


Barber Revolution 0.1

Barber revolution.


Barbering history and vision entered my life only by chance. Walking by a station at the right moment at Paul Mitchell The School-Colorado Springs, I encountered Learning Leader Mr. Ricky divulging every facet of what and how barbering came to be. From the history of the barber pole, to how revered barbers were back in the 1800’s, to the craft and art of draping the cape with grace around the neck of a guest who came in to be mesmerized and pampered–all of it fascinated me. It was then that I realized barbering is a platform to show others how honorable a role of service can be. I was incredibly impressed by barbers who are humble and who understand the true art of serving in the service industry. Those men, like Mr. Ricky and Mr. Brett, who are Learning Leaders at the school are the people that I aspire to be like. I want to have a deeper understanding, to see that it is not “just cutting hair,” to view it more as an opportunity to encounter men in a vulnerable space and to treat them with dignity and respect while educating them, by engaging them in a show so enchanting that they leave convinced that they must indeed come back to you. It is the history and the men who have encouraged me to become a part of making history by joining as a woman. By 1986, over 50% of the students in barbering classes were female. It seems that women were starting to make a mutual impact on the Barber society, but it wasn’t until 2007 that the first woman was inducted in to the Barber Hall of Fame.


Some might argue that it’s not a woman’s role to be in a Barbershop. I believe women can have an outstanding impact on the barbering culture. Besides–adding a little class to anything never hurt!


The respect that comes with wielding the razor is something immeasurable. It is an honor and a responsibility to hold a razor, and to watch a razor being used properly is riveting. When someone is performing a shave, he/she is revered. All eyes are on him/her. When I was in school the Learning Leaders were serious in stressing the sense of honor involved when providing a service to another human. Some of the speeches/mini-classes would echo with responses of amen and mhmmhm’s. I came to realize that the understanding this band of brothers shared was something that cannot be taught, that it is based on mutual humility and respect. I have also realized that regardless of whether it is a “man’s world” or a “woman’s world”, mutual respect can be given. In the future of Barbering, we together as men and women can bring the revolution of Barbering to a new point of view.


natalie barber 0.1

Color Life 0.2

Fall color spot light: Cadmium Orange

While orange is a foundation fall color,  this year’s orange has a fun retro throwback to the disco days. Cadmium Orange is a fun optimistic orange that invokes creative color combinations. A color that is as sophisticated as it is fun, cadmium is a 70′s nostalgic orange that plays well with the entire color wheel. Much like Marsala, our color of the year, cadmium is a grounding soothing color that invokes a free spirited approach to life. So this fall feel free to have fun with this orange and mix and match with fall colors as well as blue and green tones and don’t worry, we don’t see any other disco relics making there way back this fall!





Color Life 0.1

Color LIfe

 Welcome to our Color life blog series on the website. The gift of color is such a powerful thing in life. I like to describe emotions in color rather than words sometimes because they have the ability to speak a universal language of depth that can be appreciated by everyone who gets to see them.

In this series we will go through the trending colors for 2015.  We will start with the Color of the year and continue on through the colors for fall and the hair and fashion trends that are shaped by the colors they use.

Marsala is the color of the year for 2015. In contrast to last years vibrant wild orchid 2015 paved the way for a more comforting earthy color that speaks to robust red brown tones that are flattering to many skin types and create a sense of warmth and security. A sophisticated color that presents itself confidently while enriching mind body and soul.                                   Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.36.03 PM                   marsala 1

Prodigy Anthology 0.2

Jessa Trefethen and our Prodigy artistic team are proud to release Anthology 0.2. This beautiful work displays Prodigies goal to continue to evolve artistically and technically. Editorial work allows us to research the trends of today and create the looks of tomorrow. As we blend fantasy and reality with our editorial work we develop our vision for what looks best on you and keeps you looking fabulous in today’s ever evolving world. Thank you for checking out the work and please check back soon for our next post. Prodigyphoto-1



Moment to Remember

It is one of the moments we will remember for the rest of our lives…

It starts with the dress, the most stunning fabric that hugs us just right. The shoes that are to DIE for and the jewelry that enhances your natural sparkle. But no prom, school dance, or wedding day could be complete without the perfect Hair Style.

Spring is here and it’s time to get all dressed up! Whether it’s a night on the town or your big day it is imperative to have the perfect hairstyle that fits your personality and makes heads turn. Prodigy Salon had an inspiring day of education with John Paul Mitchell Systems Educator Chad Boltz.

Staying with the trends this year we played with braids, texture, and different up-do styles!

The Inspiration:

golden 1golden 2


Team Prodigy masters techniques to keep our styles trendy and impeccable.

pt3 pt2 pt1



Here are some tips from Prodigy Salon to set you up for your big night/day…

  1. It’s okay to be a little dirty. Having freshly washed hair the day of your service can affect how long the style will stay. Instead, try a dry shampoo like Paul Mitchell Dry Wash to refresh your hair the day of.
  2. Show us what you love. Having some images of styles you like or some things to incorporate will help us personalize your hair the way you want it.

The Golden Rule. Be sure to set up your reservation for your style and/or makeup in advance. This ensures you will not have to stress about having enough time or not being able to get in to

A Day of Education


Continuing Education is a huge part of what we do as a salon. It is vital to the growth of the individual stylist and the team. We have worked with world-class educators and life coaches since the creation of Prodigy salon.


Our unique approach to improvement is to embrace the stylist as a whole person, not just someone that does hair. Over the years we have worked with coaches and educators to help stylist create more focus on their guests. With all of our education the main goal is always to increase the quality of the guest experience.


We are so grateful to have been able to recently spend a day with Dave Holland. Dave is a master stylist and team trainer at Prodigy Salon.  Since graduating from Paul Mitchell the School in 1996 he has been a full time stylist and educator.  Soon after graduating he joined the Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy cutting team where he has had the opportunity to travel the world as a cutting instructor and motivational speaker.  He played a lead role in the design of the Paul Mitchell cutting system, has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, and has worked with Hollywood stars including Kate Hudson, Paul Rudd, Liv Tyler, Heather Graham, and Rachel Weiss among others.  His technical skills, passion for the industry, and years of experience are what fuel his creativity and approach to hair design.



He graciously helps develop our stylists in only ways he can. Thank you Dave, our prodigy team and of course our most important element, You our guests!!!

Prodigy Anthology 0.1

Our artistic director Jessa Trefethan and our team of stylist collaborated on our fist official salon collection. We are so excited for the stunning work that came out of the shoot and are pleased to now share it with you Prodigy Anthology 0.1. Thank you for checking out our blog!




Shiwa1watermark Devynne2Watermark Erin1watermark Devynne1Watermark Brittny1Watermark

Taking Care of your Skin

montarbo logo

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new skin care line at Prodigy Salon. Select stylist will be performing skin services designed to keep your skin looking young and beautiful!


Prodigy Salon is proud to offer the Montarbo skin care line and services exclusively in Colorado. Our stylist can’t wait to share this incredibly product with you today with a tight and bright facial and take home products to improve your at home skin care practice.